Corporate citizenship

As an international company, the biggest contribution we make to communities is through the positive impact of our business objective itself: providing high-quality and affordable eye care to more and more people around the world, creating employment opportunities and ongoing training and development, creating value in our communities through the very local nature of our retail activities.

Supporting our communities

According to the World Health Organization, over 600 million people worldwide are blind or strongly vision impaired because they do not have the right access to eye care. GrandVision aims to play an important role towards ensuring that more and more people across the world have access to the eye care and vision correction they need. We will therefore continue to engage our customers and employees to further improve access to eye care for people in need.

Economic contributions

In 2015, GrandVision helped stimulate economic activity and create wealth through the following contributions:

  • €746 million in wages and salaries for more than 31,000 employees
  • €162 million total capital expenditure investments made (excluding acquisitions of chains)
  • Corporate income taxes reported of €103 million in 2015

Tax strategy

GrandVision pursues a tax strategy that is transparent and sustainable. Our tax strategy aims to embed tax implications in business processes where and when they originate. This enables GrandVision to be compliant with tax regulations at all times. Our tax positions are defined by commercial rationale and business purpose. This is supported by an integrated transfer pricing approach which is based on current and future best practice guidance issued by the OECD. As a result, GrandVision is paying taxes across its value chain in the jurisdictions where the respective value is created.

GrandVision seeks to maintain good relations with tax authorities in the countries where it operates. We engage with them to explain the rationale of our tax positons, disclose our interpretation of applicable laws and regulations when required.

The taxes paid by GrandVision are a significant part of our contribution to local economies. In 2015, GrandVision reported €103 million in corporate income taxes with an effective income tax rate of 30.8%. In addition, GrandVision generates other taxes for communities where we are present, such as VAT, local taxes & levies and employee taxes.