Global CSR Strategy

Many of GrandVision’s local retail banners have already implemented CSR programs and have followed them for many years. This experience and expertise within the company has allowed us to develop the structure of a global CSR program commitment, including valuable best practices. The GrandVision CSR program includes a standardized reporting system that is aligned to our strategic roadmap, and will be fully rolled out over the next few years.

The Global CSR program comprises three pillars:

  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Sustainability
  • CSR reporting

The GrandVision CSR program ensures that the company will continue to develop its business and provide eye care services and products in the most sustainable and ethical way, which is consistent with our customers’ and other stakeholders’ expectations.

The program is consistent with the rules formulated in the GrandVision Code of Conduct, which applies to all employees. A copy of the GrandVision Code of Conduct can be found at