Customer-centric business model

GrandVision differentiates itself by offering a simple, safe and honest customer journey. The customer-oriented assortment together with a complete range of optical services are available through any of our 34 retail banners.

This harmonized approach aims to significantly improve the customer experience, with a focus on higher in-store conversion and customer satisfaction, resulting also in stronger customer loyalty. The journey includes a clearly structured commercial offering, transparent product features and pricing schedule, and a unique assortment focused fully on true customer benefits and quality. It is also increasingly supplemented by omni-channel features.

GrandVision primarily addresses the large and fast-growing mass-market segments with high quality and affordable eye care, complemented by sophisticated optical services, and comprehensive after-sales customer care.

With its simple and transparent value-for-money proposition, GrandVision offers well known international brands, as well as more affordable exclusive and high-quality in-house brands. The customer-centric approach is characterized by a number of key competitive advantages that are often based on the company’s scale and global reach.

GrandVision operates a ‘retail-only’ model that makes it highly flexible and able to provide a wide and solely customer-oriented assortment of products and brands. The close customer proximity of its strong local networks allows it to identify new trends at an early stage. Without the constraints of an own production base and due to its unique distribution power, the company can quickly follow these trends and introduce the benefits of the latest service, product and production innovations to its customers.

At the same time, the scale and global reach of GrandVision leads to procurement advantages in terms of product range, quality and purchase prices, providing a more competitive range at more affordable retail prices. Distribution and marketing capabilities also enable strong and effective communication that creates brand awareness and customer loyalty in each of our local markets.