Sunglasses have traditionally been marketed as a fashion item rather than an eye care product. They provide several functional benefits, including protection against ultraviolet radiation and glare, and improved vision in various situations, such as driving and sports.

Standard sunglasses are generally not suitable for the large portion of the population that required eyesight correction, and only approximately 17% of sunglasses sold have prescription lenses. GrandVision addresses this gap in the market for sunglasses with optical benefits through its innovative Solaris format.

By the end of 2015, Solaris had 1,201 points of sale, mostly as corners in GrandVision’s stores. They give customers who buy a new pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses, the opportunity to also choose a pair of sunglasses that meets their needs. Solaris offers customers a complete product range in terms of price, brand variety and functionality. In addition, more than 70% of Solaris’ sunglass frames can be fitted with prescription lenses.