In focus

Bringing eye care to disadvantaged communities

In partnership with the Danish Blind Community, GrandVision under the local retail banner of Synoptik is at the forefront of efforts to collect and restore second-hand glasses that are donated to impoverished communities in Ghana. The initiative began in 2007 and was the brainchild of a Synoptik employee who after visiting Ghana, realized the urgent need for even the most rudimentary forms of eye care.

Since then, the initiative has steadily grown to collect, repair and distribute thousands of pairs of glasses each year. At the same time, it has created goodwill and high engagement levels between Synoptik and its Danish customers who eagerly visit stores to return their used glasses.

As part of the program, Synoptik has established a permanent optician clinic in Ghana. The clinic was established in cooperation with the Ghana Blind Union and employs local opticians and assistants who conduct free eye exams and distribute the Danish glasses to people in Ghana all year round.

Through initiatives like this, GrandVision aims to increase accessibility to eye care, which is still limited in many parts of the world, including many communities in which we operate, and is a high barrier to education and a better life.