In focus

Offering high quality at affordable prices

Exclusive Brands for frames are an important part of our offering and our identity.

GrandVision has built a global portfolio of Exclusive Brands for frames based on the understanding of consumer preferences in the eyewear category. We have studied consumers across all our countries: who they are; where and when they shop; what they purchase, and especially what they expect.

Based on these insights, we have developed unique frame styles for each customer segment. Each style addresses distinct consumer needs, personalities, behaviors and expectations. We then created a complete portfolio of Exclusive Brands catering to every taste and requirement.

Our Exclusive Brands for frames offer customers high quality, innovative and distinct product features in terms of design and technology. They also provide a full range of more affordable alternatives at all levels, without compromising on quality.

Our strong assortment of Exclusive Brands for frames differentiates our offering and supports our vision to provide high quality and affordable eye care. It improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, and enables profitable growth.


Our brand expression of luxury and timeless elegance


Our avant-garde design brand with a stylish and unconventional look


Our new-age business brand inspired by technology

Heritage is the expression of luxury and timeless elegance. The brand targets both men and women looking for exclusive, quality products, who love to go beyond the day-to-day trends by selecting exclusive accessories

Fuzion has a creative soul, where stylish colors and patterns meet innovative technologies. Fuzion goes beyond the conventional.

Julius exudes business efficiency with charisma – the perfect synergy of innovative technology and elegance. Its city-slick designs and finishing touches reflect technology and masculinity through elegant colors and modern shapes.


Our comfortable eyewear brand that is so light you forget you are wearing it

Miki Ninn

Our trendy fashion eyewear brand to express the colors inside you


Our on-trend brand born from street fashion

Light technology and minimal design rule the LightFly atmosphere. This range is all about a smart and invisible look, the perfect balance of comfort and performance.

Miki Ninn is the expression of colors. It is about fashion, trendy styles, and a young and expressive look. Miki Ninn has easy-to-wear styles, cool shapes, fresh colors and decorations.

IN STYLE is about the hottest trends emerging from the coolest streets around the world. It is designed to appeal to the ‘connected’ and dynamic men and women who like to experiment and be on top of the latest styles in high-street fashion.