3. Optimizing the store network

Market share growth is one of GrandVision’s key ambitions. Expansion of the store network through the opening of new stores is a key element for achieving this goal. GrandVision's approach includes targeted store openings, relocations, and refurbishments, but also store closures, in places where customer traffic patterns have changed.

GrandVision generally pursues the expansion of its store network in countries where there is a proven and profitable store format, a relatively low density of stores, and in countries where there is a strategic growth ambition. In other countries, store openings and acquisitions are more selective and limited to when ‘white spot’ opportunities become available. As a prerequisite for expanding its store portfolio, GrandVision carefully assesses each business case. It also ensures that the operational and organizational platform is in place to support growth, as well as the financial and internal controls, and governance practices.