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Improving road safety in Sweden

In an initiative to improve road safety in Sweden, Synoptik, the GrandVision retail banner in Sweden, recently tested the eyesight of almost 2,000 drivers. The result was that 18 percent of drivers had such poor eyesight, both with and without glasses, that they represent a hazard to fellow drivers and pedestrians.

The study was part of a joint initiative between Synoptik in Sweden and the government’s motoring inspectors’ body Bilprovningen. It included a comprehensive survey of 1,896 Swedish drivers, which found that 9 out of 10 of them are in favor of requiring eye tests inconjunction with license renewals.

A further 7 out of 10 think that motorists should have mandatory eyesight examinations every three years, a position that Synoptik and the optics industry recommends.The results from the study suggest that of the nation’s 600,000 motorists, approximately one tenth of all drivers, would not meet today’s standards in applying for a drivers’ license.

The vast majority of Swedish motorists consider their eyesight to be good enough to drive safely, even though the same survey found that just 11 percent had done an eye exam in the last ten years.

GrandVision is committed to helping people see better, enabling them to realize their full potential in life. The road safety initiative of Synoptik in Sweden is another example of this commitment.