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Training at Opticas Lux, Mexico

Optometry has been practiced in Mexico for many decades, and the country is home to the oldest and largest optometry school in all of Latin America. For Opticas Lux, a GrandVision retail banner in Mexico, education and training have been key differentiators in its market since 1942. It is the cornerstone of its customer-centric and personalized service approach, and has been vigorously maintained over the years.

The learning model develops competencies that help people be more successful at work and valuable within the organization, while also enriching their quality of life as a whole.

It is divided into project-based learning to develop professional knowledge and the ability to respond to specific situations, and on nurturing positive attitudes and skills that help our people communicate, collaborate and learn.

All staff members are expected to map out and align their career paths with the company’s overall objectives. Experienced members of the HR team are appointed as individual sponsors, while the training itself is managed by the designated store tutor. Experienced People Leaders are then selected as mentors in the development process.

Approximately 30% of our learning programs take place in classrooms, while the remaining 70% are in the field. Classroom teaching makes use of collaborative and problem-based learning, while field education is focused on real life experiences.

The career path spans seven levels of development: novice employee, experienced seller, specialist, advanced expert, people leader, business manager and master business manager. Formal certification is received at the end of each stage.

By ensuring the availability of qualified and trained talent that is vital to GrandVision’s expansion process, Opticas Lux is meeting the increasing demand for eye care professionals to service Mexico’s rapidly growing population.